LiveMTC is a free plugin/app combination that outputs Midi Time Code from Ableton Live.

Note: LiveMTC is tested mostly with Pro Tools and Numerology, the MTC implementation of other tools may vary and may not be properly supported.


Download version 0.12 of LiveMTC here.

System requirements

This application is tested with the latest version of Ableton Live and Max For Live. The app is only available for Mac.

Help us bring this application to Windows

We started a fundraising campaign to export, test and support LiveMTC for Windows.

If you would like to see LiveMTC be available for Windows so that more artists can synchronize Live to other DAWs and show systems, please consider donating. As soon as we reach our goal this will get our full attention and the Windows version will be available within two weeks.

Donate Here


The development was commissioned and sponsored by Ludwig Göransson