• Videosync, adds video capabilities to Ableton Live.
  • Livegrabber, plugins to connect all parameters of Ableton Live to external devices with Open Sound Control.
  • ClipSMPTE, a plugin for Ableton Live that outputs the active clip position as a SMPTE audio signal.
  • Livesync, plugins that accurately synchronize the tempos, playheads and clip playback position of two Ableton Live sets via a network, without MIDI.
  • LiveMTC, a plugin/app combination that outputs MTC from Ableton Live.

The tools below are work in progress, we plan on publishing them as soon we feel comfortable supporting them on a larger scale. But we’re keen to get your approval and we hope that you can help us develop them into final products by suggesting partnerships or intriguing test projects:

  • Beattracker (WIP), an intelligent audio-based BPM and beat tracker.
  • Lightsync (WIP), a new lighting controller based on Ableton Live.
  • CDJ2Live (WIP), a Max For Live plugin that connects a CDJ to Ableton Live.