Videosync allows you to play and generate video from your Ableton Live session view, in sync with audio.

Watch our Beamlab demo here.


Videosync V0.6.3

Without a registration, all generated graphics are fully functional but playing movies is limited by an overlay if you use more than 4 video clips. To use more than 4 movies, please register here.

Note that this is an experimental release. If you run into issues or if you would like to share any feedback, please let us know via our forum.

System requirements

  • A recent Apple computer with Mac OS 10.10 or higher. Videosync is only available for Mac, a Windows version is not planned at the moment.
  • The latest version of Ableton Live with Max For Live, using an up to date version of Max.


For questions, feedback and bug reports, please refer to ourĀ forum.


If you are a registered user, press Authorize in the Videosync Master plugin to allow use of more than 4 movies in a set without getting a Demo overlay. Internet access is required for authorization. Once the authorization process is complete, Videosync will remain authorized on that computer without connecting to the internet.

To become a registered user, please click here.


  • The generated graphics features and recent video playback upgrades of Videosync have been developed in tight cooperation with motion graphics artist Jaap Drupsteen
  • Advanced video effect plugins have been developed by Tarik Barri (Hatcher effect) and Matthias Oostrik (Fluid effect)
  • The ShaderLoader effect examples are based on code donated by Fabrizio Poce
  • An important part of the development of Videosync was funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie